Why you need a website

At this point in the middle age of the internet, you probably don’t need to be convinced that every mental health practice needs a website.  But as a reminder, a website can:

  • help new patients find you and know what you do
  • educate your patients and potential patients about your areas of expertise
  • allow you to accept credit cards via your website (entered by your clients or by you)
  • allow clients to download your consent forms, print, read, complete and bring to their first visit
  • post your privacy policy (HIPAA) policy online and stop providing printed copies
  • help new clients find your office with pictures of your building and custom point-to-point directions
  • recruit new patients

Potential patients will find their mental health therapist primarily by searching the internet. They want to know

  • what you charge
  • what age patients you treat
  • what your specialties are and how you can solve their problems
  • if you accept their insurance
  • if you seem like an approachable person

Potential patients will find their psychologists/mental health therapists through search engines like Google. Even patients referred to you will look for you on the internet before calling. A website is the 21st century version of the Yellow Pages. To grow your practice or increase the self-pay segments, click here.

Even if you have a perpetually full practice, you can use a website to work smarter:

  • allow patients to read your HIPAA, informed consent and fee contracts online
  • allow them to download and fill out your forms before their initial appointment
  • put a Google Map with directions to your office on your site
  • put your articles or other information about conditions you treat on your site
  • link to information for your patients
  • accept credit card payment over your website via a PayPal or other merchant services

For more detail on using your website to improve your efficiency, click here

All of this is easy to do with a Sites for Psychologists website (see our DIY guide)

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