Grow your practice

If you are trying to grow your practice, attract self-pay patients, or use your website to bring in more business, try the tips below.

Content for search engines

When you create your website, you should include content relevant to the patients you want to serve. If you specialize in treating depression, have a page on how they can know if they have depression, how they can help eliminate depression, etc. Along with our included Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, good, relevant content will be noted by search engines (e.g., Google), which will make your site appear higher on the list of search results.

Google Local Business Center listing

The link above will get you started adding a listing. It’s a great (free) service. You’ll get set up with a “dashboard” to change features of your listing and look at traffic statistics (on your Google business listing, not your website), plus your business will start to show up on Google Maps and related searches. You can enable “tracking” to see how many times you appeared on someone’s Google search, how many viewers clicked for a map to your office, how many clicked for driving directions, and how many clicked on your website link.

Google Adwords

Have you wished you could show up on the top of the first Google search page when a potential patient googled “psychologist” in your area? Well, Google has made that possible with Google Adwords (Google it!). You can select words you would like to lead to your website, including limiting results to searchers from your area. Google will charge you a fee each time they direct a searcher to you (defined by them clicking your link). You can preview your words and see what they cost. Some are as low as $.05 per click (this is why it is also referred to as “pay-per-click”). You can also set limits (how much you are willing to pay per day and per click), so you don’t get overwhelmed with business or go over budget for this advertising. This is highly recommended if you want to generate more business. Yelp has been popularized by Smart Phone users. It is a location based app for finding services in the user’s current location. Your business is probably already on Yelp, so it is worth setting up you business account (free) and adding your web address so potential patients can find out more about you.

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